Hi, I am Sam Dillenburg

front-end web dev

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my skillsets to make the world a better place

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Who I Am

Web Developer based in Heidelberg, Germany

Enthusiastic self taught frontend web developer with over 10 years of experience in Wordpress, life-long learner and passionate about responsive website design. Scrimba certified. Networking in Tech Communities and Blogs.

Excited about teaching and speaking at Meetups, hooked with new technologies and highly motivated working in a Dev Team.

my latest projects

some projects i did the past few months

Senior Model Sedcard Webpage

clean design, mosaic galleries and easy to maintain for client.

Recent Project was a Sedcard Website, which was built with Wordpress, easy to maintain for the client. After adding Modula Mosaic Gallery Plugin and few SEO optimizations this website was ready to go online. Upcoming features like Facebook Group implementation and Instagram Feed will be added soon.

screenshot of a webpage

Daniel Baptista Photographix

nice clean and minimal photographer website.

Minimalistic and clean mobile-ONLY landing page with email collector form. Deployed on Netlify.

screenshot of a webpage

Chrome´s "Momentum" Extension Clone

Bootcamp Challenge with several additions.

As part of the frontend career path, this chrome extension clone gets its background image from an API, added cryptocurrency, weather and a to-do list widget

This Extension will be fully functional for your chrome browser.

screenshot of a webpage

Quixotte-Music Record Shop

e-Commerce webshop based on wordpress.

a musician in need reached out to me and asked if i could help him setting up a webshop for him and fellow comrades, after his site got hacked and was offline for several months.

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screenshot of a webpage

Resume | Sam Dillenburg










Scrimba "Frontend Career Path" Graduate (January 2022)
Bootcamp Certificate


Portfolio Page combined with the JAMstack: github | netlify

Simple Intro Page with some CSS Features: github | live

UI/UX User Menu App: github | live


BBQ Landing Page with Email Collector: github | live

Minimalistic Photographer Landing Page: github | netlify

Responsive Portfolio Website: github | netlify


Momentum Clone for Chrome Web Extension: github | live

Pacman Video Game Clone in VanillaJS: github | netlify

Netflix Clone in ReactJS: github | live


Indie Record Label WooCommerce Shop: live

Web Precense of local Gardening Shop | SEO optimized: live

Model Sedcard Website with Mosaic Galleries: live